Dedicated to those who Died

Over the history of government, many people have a real problem conceptualizing what's really "evil". Comparisons are often made that have no basis in scale or truth. Many nations suffer from neglect, others from abuse, but few from pure and unmitigated evil.

RJ Rummel's book "Death By Government" is a statistical analysis of global deaths as a result of government policy ("Democide"). Most often these are literal direct mass scale murders (genocide), or the very intentional deaths caused by mass deportation or intentional starvation.

In dedication to the victims of the megamurdering governments of the history of the world, I've made wallpapers reminding you of the worst tragedies of the three most prominent - Nazi Germany, Communist China and Soviet Russia.

It's not until you have a scope of the real death and horror brought about by nations such as these and the known result of their policies of authoritarian socialism that you can really understand the difference between "good" and "evil". To obfuscate or confuse these simple distinctions is just another part of the New American Myth we live in everyday.

Dedicated to those 120,000,000+ who died

Soviet Russia
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Communist China
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Nazi Germany
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